Mark Gorman


Mark has played as far away as Russia and all over the US (including Alaska), but mostly travels within the Lone Star State, singing about it’s cultures, places and people. His rich bass/ baritone voice accompanied by versatile guitar stylings, along with his gifted storytelling and songwriting, draws audiences in and gives Mark his unique ability to make listeners feel as though they are sitting in their own living room and listening to an old friend tell stories and sing songs. From Texas Swing to Texas Country, Thunder Shuffle Blues to Southern Texas Flavored Rock and Americana about Texas places and people, Mark Gorman is authentically “Texas” through and through.

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“Old West troubadour and new age balladeer wrapped in the spiritual embers of memory’s burning campfires, Mark Gorman is an artist exactly like and completely different from any others you’ve heard. If the test was to describe his music in a word, the word would undoubtedly be “smooth.” The test, however, would be unequivocally flawed because, as with the real live cowboy, one word cannot equate the sum.”~ Dave Pilot

Dave Pilot – Outlaw Magazine

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