High-energy, Pyrotechnics, Hot “Girls, Girls, Girls” (the Nastier Habits) and this guy hits the notes better than Vince Neil himself!!!  This Motley Crue tribute delivers the sights, sounds and fury of the real Motley Crue!!!





What people are saying about Crueligans:


“This band is the absolute best tribute to Motley Crue you will ever see. I’ve seen them 3 times now and they are just amazing. Do yourself a favor and see them soon.” -Rick T.


“This band has found a way to capture a combination of the outrageous, raw, “bad boy” rock ‘n roll mentality, added a fantastic sound, and they’ve wrapped it up in one hell of a special-effects package. You’re not just going to get all of your favorite Crue songs, you’re also going to get a stage show that’s about as close to the real deal as you can hope to get. The costumes, the beautiful dancers, the stage props (yes, including fire FX) are all part of the Crueligans package.” -Kristy J.


“Just an amazing show!! The girls, the props, the energy. Just a fantastic show even if I’ve seen it 20 times. Can’t recommend this rock and roll show enough.” -Dave T.


“…they single handedly delivered a knock out punch and dominated the night. stage show was engaging, high energy and music/lyrics were spot on….” -B. Vanhorn


“They are the real deal so good!!!! Blast of a time…” -Leigh K.


“If you’re a Motley Crue fan you must see the CRÜEligans! I have seen them several times and love it every time! It is so much fun seeing the music I love performed live! Thanks for a fun time CRÜEligans!❤️🤘” -Shannon S.


“These guys were amazing! Spot on with the sound of the Crue! I would love to see them again and again! If you get the chance to see them GO! You will not be disappointed!” -Tammy S.

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